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Welcome to the Digital World! 

Reformed Digital World is a friendly roleplay site that revolved around Digimon. This is a friendly roleplay site that revolves around digimon. The events and roleplay to occur within this site is most settled on all the existant seasons. Live out the life as a Digimon or seize the day as a Tamer of great ambitions!

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Pretty easy to pacify us and the rest of our residents. Heed every single rule. The rest of the world lies within the "Server Continent"  page!


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Recent News and Updates!

This site is still under construction and hopes are up it will be reopen this year!

As of May 2013, this site is supported by Good Reads as a new, still-under-construction group which can be found here:

It is more forum based than the original and may serve some good use in the future.


Winter becomes an asylum of pale white peace for the inhabitants of the north. The Other Side has already come to feel it's abnormally cold state. It has yet to affect the warmer climates below, but snarlsome flurries have become common.