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Rules to roleplay: 

1. Please don't join if you are anything other than what is usually roleplayed.

2. Cybering and anything related (sexual content etc.) are not tolerated during roleplay.

3. We have a limit on swearing (pi$$ed, hell, crap, damn, dammit are fine)

4. Please, respect all members. We don't tolerate cyber bullying, threats, or harassments. But we are not responsible for anything that happens in real life (rl) 

5. No hacking or imposters.

6. Please use appropriate sentences when sending an rp-reply. 

7. No spamming. I'm serious!

8. You are free to have as many characters as you please. Fanfictional characters are allowed aslong as you can roleplay them all.

9. You cannot kill another member's character without their permission. More defined as "Godmodding" That's a bigfat no-no. 

10. No power-roleplaying (roleplaying or acting the role of a character that isn't yours without proof of permission)

11. Don't advertise anywhere in this site other than the 'friends' page.

12. Breaking any rules posted above will lead to a kick, spam or bann.. and we don't do that often.

13. If you have any complaints or if someone is bothering you, do tell an Admin or Mod.

14. Comments are allowed during roleplay session, just dont break the rp.

15. Heed the Mods and Admins.

16. Don't try to spam during roleplay. A little is okay, too much is a big no-no.

17. Use powers.. but don't go over the top with it or abuse them. If someone says "Wait, I don't want her to get killed" or whatever, just take it back it's okay.

18. Don't nag to be a mod or admin or that kind of crapp..


Of your anything else other than a Digimon, please sign in like below:



Age (optional)

Team: (if a tamer)

Hobbies: (optional, especially on digimon)



Official pic: (optional)


How did you hear of this site?: (optional)

Any extra info?:

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Recent News and Updates!

This site is still under construction and hopes are up it will be reopen this year!

As of May 2013, this site is supported by Good Reads as a new, still-under-construction group which can be found here:

It is more forum based than the original and may serve some good use in the future.


Winter becomes an asylum of pale white peace for the inhabitants of the north. The Other Side has already come to feel it's abnormally cold state. It has yet to affect the warmer climates below, but snarlsome flurries have become common.